Summer Scorcher Blog Tour – Week 6 – The Perfect Hero

Welcome to part two of my blog post on the Scorcher Blog Tour.
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In my last post we were about to breakdown our perfect hero into sections. But before we do that, we need to welcome our five heroes into the room. They’ve graciously allowed us to perform a little experimentation.

Let’s start with our hero’s personality. His personality must shine. AJ, Lisa, Arial, and Sarah like their hero with a good sense of humour, patient, committed, and good natured. While Amie likes a hero who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Amie wants her hero to let her show him how it’s really done. Amie, you naughty little girl! Continue reading

Scorcher Blog Tour – Things That Make You Go “Oooooooooh!” – Part 4

Hey, peeps! I’ve got some mad love for those of you who’ve stayed with me this far. Mad Love!

Food and sex. Sounds like the makings for a sticky situation…yes? Well, I suppose if you and your honey buns decide to frolick in a large vat of chocolate, then yes, sticky would be the least of your problems. But, what I’m referring to is the wonderful ability of certain foods to enhance your desire and propel those lusty thoughts you’ve been harboring for your significant other into action.  I’ve touched a bit on this subject in previous blog posts, but thought I’d go over it again here, and list the top 10 foods that serve as aphrodisiacs. Some of these foods you’ll probably agree with. Others I think will surprise you. Continue reading

Scorcher Blog Tour – Intimacy and Other Things Part V

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Part I – Amie Louellen

Part II – Lisa Sanchez

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Part IV – Darlene Fredette

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Let’s go over what we’re learned—names are important, conversation, eyeing each other, and the building of trust. You’ve got all that, right? Then let’s talk about the good stuff. That’s right—7 through 12.

7. Mouth to mouth

8. Hand to Head

9. Hand to Body

10. Mouth to Bosom

11. Hand to Erogenous Zones.

12. Consummation.

7, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are all expected—it’s Sex Ed 101. What surprises me is 8—head to hand. Continue reading